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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Curse

I swear, every time we attend any variety of concert/show/whatever, I get dragged into some sort of debauchery that involves a high level of embarassment. A few years ago, it was the giant pickle that David Copperfield threw at me at the one (and only) show we ever saw of his. When motioned to return said pickle--which, by the way, had a huge bite taken out of it prior to him lobbing it at me--I fell to the role of  unsuspecting victim in the subsequent portion of the show where Copperfield (who resembles a frog in real life, FYI) makes dirty jokes concerning "the girl who bites".

Tonight I took the kids to a dance show; a group of high school kids from another small community called, "The Burchell Dancers". Of course, the lady all but grabbed me by the collar and drug me onto the gymnasium floor for the can-can dance.  I swear to you on the butt-cracks of every single high school girl that I saw tonight, I was in no way volunteering myself as a muse of any sort.  In fact, I am kind of offended that the woman, before approaching me, actually said, "Come on, moms!  I know there are *some* of us who definitely missed our morning arobics routine!".

God bless Meghan Geese, who was as cute as can be and the perfect little companion. God bless Carrie Gerber for also going out and looking (a lot less) foolish with me. Seriously, I think we were the only two adults out there.  I'm sure my already pitiful situation was exacerbated by the fact that, in all the kicking and hopping, my scarf got wound too tightly around my neck and I nearly choked my out-of-shape, can-can dancing ass out, right there on the gym floor.

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